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ares myths / ares powers / ares the god of war :- Ares is the Greek God. he also known as “God of war”. Means actually Ares (Greek God of War) is the Greek God of war and he was also in 12 Olympians, and he was the son of Zeus & Hera. In Greek Books, he always show by people that he was very physical and violent when he was in war. And now comes to his sister Athena, who work in his empire as a Goddess of Smartness including she also make strategy for military like how to attack on opponent and she was the general in Ares (Greek God of War) Army.

Ares (Greek God of War) assumes an exceptionally constrained part in Greek myth as spoke to in book speakers however his different relationships and close posterity are regularly implied. When Ares (Greek God of War) does show in Greek myths, he regularly faces confusion. He was also known s lover of Aphrodite, the lord of love, he was married to Hephaestus, lord of Craftsmanship. The most popular story related with Aphrodite and Ares (Greek God of War) show them relieved to ridicule through the bad life partner(husband’s).

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Name = Ares :-

The name Ares (Greek God of War) is generally connected with the Greek word, There also be a relation with the Roman God of war, Or we also say Mars. The soonest bore witness to type of the name is the Mycenaean Greek. Ares (Greek God of War) was regularly attached to the names of different divine beings when they went up against a warrior angle or ended up associated with fighting: Aphrodite Areia, even Zeus Areios. In the Iliad, the word Ares (Greek God of War) is utilized as a typical thing synonymous with ‘War’.

Ares Character and Origins :-

As we you if you read from starting of the article that, Ares (Greek God of War) was one of the 12 Olympians in the archaic culture shows by the Liad. Zeus(Ares (Greek God of War) father and God) communicates a repeating Greek aversion toward the god when Ares (Greek God of War) returns injured and grumbling from the war zone at Troy.

Ares in Arabian Peninsula :-

Ares (Greek God of War) was likewise revered by the occupants of Tylos. It is didn’t know if he was revered in the form of a Arabian God or if he was revered in his greek form.

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Ares in Sparta Area :-

In Sparta, Ares (Greek God of War) was seen as a model worrier his body strength(Physical Strength) and his military smartness was incomparable. In sparta his statue also there still, and his statue showing the god in chains, Recommended that he was the military soul and triumph were to be kept in the city of Sparta. That the Spartans appreciated him is demonstrative of the social divisions that existed amongst themselves and different Greeks, particularly the Athenians.

Ares Cult and Ritual

In spite of the fact that Ares (Greek God of War) got infrequent forfeit from armed forces going to war, the god had a formal sanctuary and religion at just a couple of locales. At Sparta, be that as it may, each organization of young people relinquished a puppy to Enyalios before participating in custom battling at the Phoebaeum. The chthonic evening time forfeit of a canine to Enyalios progressed toward becoming acclimatized to the faction of Ares (Greek God of War).

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Only east of Sparta stood an obsolete statue of the god in chains, to demonstrate that the soul of war and triumph was to be kept in the city.

Ares found of Thebes

Roles of Ares (Greek God of War) was expressed in territory Greece as the establishing myth of Thebes

Ares children’s

The unity of Aphrodite and Ares (Greek God of War) created many gods like Adrestia, Anteros, Deimos, Eros, Phobos,and Harmonia. While if we talk About Eros’ and Anteros’ genuine stations supported their mom, Adrestia liked to imitate her dad, regularly going with him to war. Different adaptations incorporate Alcippe as one of his little girls. Upon one event, Ares (Greek God of war) acquired the outrage of Poseidon by killing his child, Halirrhothius, on the grounds that he had assaulted Alcippe, a girl of the war-god. For this deed, Poseidon summoned Ares (Greek God of war) to show up before the council of the Olympic divine beings, which was held upon a slope in Athens. Ares (Greek God of war) was absolved. This occasion should have offered ascend to the name Areopagus (or Slope of Ares), which subsequently wound up well known as the site of a court of equity.

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