BEST FACTS OF INDIA 2018 :- India is a developing country having world’s 2nd largest population in world. And having unity in diversity India has many facts the will amaze your mind hence here we show you 30 interesting facts about India ranging from U.P. state in India having population more then Australia’s total population to hockey India’s national game .

Facts about India

1>INDIAN ECONOMY FACT 2018:: the ever changing india has position 7 in world economy ranking in terms of nominal GDP with $2.4 trillion with population growth rate of 1.4% in 2018

Service sector :: 53,7%

Industry sector: 31.2%

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2>Indian economy facts 2017::  15TH OF AUGUST 2017 marked as 70th anniversary from colonial rule

Change was observed in indan economy of 5.7% and one of the tremandus growth in india is providing home worlds 18% of population. India has shown marked growth in it industry as well as in software services.

3> Some of the omg facts about India are.

 >ram setu point:: according to Ramayana lord rama with the help of his men has created  a bridge from India to sri lanka.known as ram setu it is best up od only stones without using any binding material.

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>  THE TAJ MAHAL:: the sign of love, Shahjahn from Mugal empire has create taj Mahal in the memory of his queen Mumtaz  it took 26 year to make this wonder. And after formation of Taj Mahal shahjahn order to strike out hands of all the workers.

>world’s largest democracy::all over the world India has largest democracy the formation of this was done on 26th of January 1950.after the independence.

LARGEST NUMBER OF MOSQUES:: even after having hindu-muslim conflict India is the country which has the largest number of mosques with only 13% of Muslim population.

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India’s facts and information.


  • Bangalore is known as silicon valley of India  with Jaipur as pink city and Indore as cleanest city in India.
  • India has 30 states where Telegana the newest state formed by dividing Andhra Pradesh into two parts
  • Indus valley civilisation was the first civilisation in India
  • Agriculture sector is the sector which provide maximum livelihood to people in India



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