There is a huge population which loves vodka a lot. This article is dedicated to all vodka lovers, vodka is one of the highly consumed drink around the world, and generally women’s are large in number for vodka drinks. Here in this article we have compiled some of the best vodka brands in the world.  


this is top brand which comes from Russia, this brand is a brand child of Pytor smirnov and one of the best Russian vodka. And the amazing thing to know about them is that they started supplying vodka to Tsar well before they were kicked out form Russia. This brand has a high alcohol percent and one of the best brand under this category.  


this is a brand from Swedish and when we talk about top brands this brand is at the top position in vodka brand list. This brand was founded in the year 1879. The founder of this drink is Lars Olssen smith and the amazing this about this brand is that this brand was invented while he was performing his Experiments on fractional distillation. Since the year 1879, this brand is one of the best sellers. READ MORE- BEST TORRENTING SITES 2019


when we talk about this vodka top brand, this brand comes from Ukraine. this brand is named on a fantasy book-read here an archaeologically rich island is mentioned. Motivated form the name of this island that name “khostytsa” name was given to this brand. This brand is smooth and fruity while drinking and in addition to this. This is also one of the grain-based vodka which is available in the market.

best vodka brands in the world


well this is another vodka brand form Ukraine. Bottle is manufactured by fermenting cereal grains and in addition to this in order to manipulate the taste, fruit, honey and in addition to this bread are also added to it, this drink has its separate fan base and due to its high demand and low manufacture, this drink is hard to find.


well this is a special vodka and this is one of the best vodka brands in the world. This vodka you can get anywhere, this vodka brand has high production but high selling’s. this vodka is unique because of its flavor profile. This vodka is available in many flavors which are ranging from Woodruff, coconuts to signature Bison Grass. And in addition to this the specialty of this brand is that when we will add a bit of tincture to it. The color of this brand will become slightly greenish and bit yellowish and which gives this drink an attractive look. READ MORE- MOST POPULAR LIQUOR IN THE WORLD

Pyat Ozer,

well again, one of the top class vodka brand form Russia. Well this brand takes top positions when we talk about vodka, this drink is smooth and tasty with high percentage of alcohol. And in addition to this, the taste of this vodka has somewhat taste like dried fruit. And in addition to this it is bit spicy. The only problem with this brand is its cost. Not everyone can buy it. neglecting the cost this is one of the vodka top brands


vodka probably named as SVEDIA. This is the very first charcoal filtered brand in our list. When we talk about this brand this brand is bit flavourless and best when it is served cold. It has a silky texture and it will give you a rich feel on the tongue. And in addition to this a sweet and spice finish at the end. which makes this brand as one of the best vodka brands in the world


this is a well-known liquor brand, which you can get in almost every position. Well we talk about krupnik this is one of the high in demand brand which has world-wide demand and in addition. This is one of the best-selling brands worldwide.   READ MORE- TOP 10 OFF ROAD CARS


this is an American vodka brand, which is grown in idyllic Midwestern farmland, this is one of the best-selling brand which has somewhat fruit like taste. Easy bottles of this brand are quadruple-distilled and again triple filtered before they are filled in the bottles. At the end we can say that this brand is one of the best brand in vodka brand list.

Grey Goose,

one of the top brand form fancy French vodka. This is actually a new vodka which was born in the year 1996. This is a child brand of an American business man. Amazing this to know about this vodka is that, it order to prepare this wheat is used. This is smooth filled in lovely bottle and must drink vodka for all drinkers around their.

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