Best way to build muscle at home

this is every men’s dreams to have muscles to be as strong as possible building muscles not only helps you to look different and attractive they also makes you hard strong and brings confidence. You can imagine yourself whether you want to be skinny or bring out those attractive muscles if interested and wants to know how to build your body without equipment.

Discipline is what which makes a man knowing will not help you need to focus and work hard “sweat pays always.” Hence how to build muscle at home without equipment.The main problem people face is of money they are not able to pay the fees of gym and the diet they need to take some people because of in availability of transport or gym don’t worry here we bring you how to build body at home without equipment with pictures.

how to build muscle at home without equipment

  1. Running:: running will build your stamina and will break your reluctance for exercise. it will help you to build your leg muscles. Running has many advantages with nil expanses.

Way of doing:: first step is to walk  then increase your speed to walk this will make your body worm and then start jogging slowly for (15-30)min then at the end with full energy perform a sprint. You have to increase the time you jog weekly or in a period. 4

  1. Squats:: squats brings out your legs strength and stretches
  2. Your body. Again you don’t require any type of investment to perform it.

Way of doing:: sit own your feet’s without you butt touching the ground Keep your hands straight in front and then stand up keeping your hand Straight and then again sit down. Perform as much as you can and increase The count day by day.

  1. Push-ups this will help you to bring out and grow your chests. This is a complete muscle exercise and not to be neglected.

Way of doing:: sleep on the ground and your face should be down towards the ground not try to lift yourself on your hands and toe. Ones you have lifted your body don’t touch it on the ground and try as much push-ups as you can.

Stretching are also body building exercise at with home without equipment::

Tadasana:: of the curse, it is an asana but doing this you can completely stretch your body from top to bottom. This will make your body flexible and also helping to lose unwanted fat.

simple back stretch:: stand straight on ground and try stretching your spinal code back as much as you can. then come back and try touching your feet’s with your hand tips

Jumps:: jumps are the best way to stretch your body stand straight and try jumping slowly at your position. From slow jumping to try jumping as much as high you can.

Skinny guys doesn’t have fat in their bodies and hence they have to add something to the basic exercise here are some tips on how to build muscle at home for skinny guys.

1>first thing that you have to do is to get out from the myth that you are skinny.

  1. Add sprouts in your diet
  2. add a lot of water to your body
  3. Don’t have too much of supplements Indian food at best to have try eating as ,much as you can at home.
  4. Focus own food with high fat contents and the food which helps in digesting fats.
  5. Don’t quit.

Some people asks for how to build muscles in 2 weeks or how to make muscles at home fast.

Well this is bitter truth that muscle aren’t so easy to get as stated “sweat pays” you need to work hard with discipline to get those attractive looks:: yes are some exercise which can help you to bring out your body fast::

  1. Concentrate on your diet:
  2. Focus on compound exercise like squats pull-ups
  3. Pull-ups :: hang yourself and try toughing the pole on which you are hanging with your chin.

Sleep well and eat much.

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