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bing vs google 2018 / What is Bing / What is Google :- The fundamental difference between Google and Bing is that Bing is better when performing video searches while Google comes fully featured. Google has been the dominant force in the search engine world. Bing, on the other hand, lost its ground due to the competition provided by Google. But if we have a closer look at both the search engines, there is not much of a difference as many believe. Although Bing has many strengths, many people ignore many features of Bing which enable it to perform as like Google. Let’s take a closer look at both the powerful search engines to see what they offer.

What is Bing

Bing is the last name that was used by Microsoft’s search engine. Previously, it was known as Windows Live search and MSN search. The Bing brand came with the aim of presenting real-world results than just finding text on a page and called itself a decision engine.

What is Google

Google is easily the most used search engine in the world. Google search has been around since 1997 and has been seen improving with advanced features, smarter results, and integration with other Google products.

What is the difference between Bing and Google

Basic Layout and Features

Both Google and Bing feel and look similar when it comes to primary search results. Other than the logo and the font on the top, the search results for both the search engines are identical.

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Video Search
Bing: The video search that comes with Bing is significantly better than Google. This is a big difference between the two in comparison. Bing will give you a grid of large thumbnails where you can click and play without leaving Bing. For some videos, you can watch a preview as you hover over the video.

Google: Google, on the other hand, will give you a vertical list of videos with small thumbnails.


Bing: In most cases, Bing gives more autocomplete answers when compared with Google. Bing usually gives eight while Google gives four. This feature is especially usefully when using the autocomplete feature to find alternative products and in finding wildcard suggestions.

Google: Less autocomplete suggestions which usually is only four.

Shopping Suggestions
Bing: Bing is not ideal for shopping suggestions as Google performs this task in a better way.

Google: Google shows shopping suggestions more often than Bing does. Google’s ideas are much better too. So, if you are looking for a product which is available in individual stores, or to find the best price online, Google search is better than Bing.

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Search Results

Both Google and Bing will display search results that will be what you want. Both produce results that according to the keywords that were used in the search.

Google: You will note that Google will perform better when specific questions, like a technical question, are directed. If the problem is more specific, Google will find and organise the results in a better way.

Smart Searches

Bing: Bing has adopted many of the smart search features that come with Google like unit conversions, movie show times, local weather, famous people, and related stuff. Many of these features yield the same results. Bing comes with a feature that predicts flight ticket prices when you are searching for flights.

Google: Google has a few things that Bing does not provide health info, movie and video game release dates.

Image Search
Google: Google has an image search which is smooth to use.

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Bing: Image search of Bing is powered by some advanced options. One of these features is Layout, which lets you search for images in portrait and landscape modes. Bing also enables you to remove search terms with just a click which is a great feature to have.

Related Search Results

Bing: Bing puts its related search results to the right of the page.

Google: Google puts related search results to the bottom of the page.

Advanced Features

Both Bing and Google come with advanced operators that are comparable. Although the syntax may be different, both show a lot of overlap.

Bing: Bing can perform two searches that are not available on Google. Contains will allow you to search for pages that contain certain files types. Link information that shows the best-ranked pages linked from a site and feed which enables you to search for RSS feeds on a particular subject.

Google: Google has more features and is better in doing advanced searches.

Additional Features
Bing: Bing lets you earn a point for each search you perform. You can redeem these points for gift cards at Starbucks, Amazon, and Gamestop and even use the collected position to donate to charity.

Google: Google has a few extra features that have been built into its search. These include reverse search, instant search, voice search, and search is integrated with other Google services like Gmail, Google Now, and Google contacts. This is very useful when you are using a lot of products that are offered by Google.

Summary  Bing vs Google

Google is the better search engine when we compare both. It has been around for a long time, and is famous and innovating all the time. Both Bing and Google are very similar in features. Bing is better in some aspects like videos. Bing may be preferred for general results over Google occasionally. Google can dig deep into the internet to find what you are looking for. Although you may think Google search is the best out there, Bing is not far behind.

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