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chopnews review / top blogger in India :- In a country like India where there are so many affairs happening every single second, there is an enormously vast database of content for our writers and reporters to cover and publish in their respective news portal and one of my favourite news portal or a news website is is the best indian based news site which always cover the local and as well as the international news  with full piece of readable and information full news that everybody loves because in todays life due to the avaliability of internet nobody wants to read or seek the incomplete news or peice of information so that the way works chop news because as they said in their “ChopNews strives to be very accurate by leaving no stone unturned as it digs into the heart of every story on the local as well as international level” which to be honest is true becasuse I always get the full info on the peice that I want.

The 73 percent of the traffic on this site is from India because as I said it is India based news portal and the global rank of this website 913,693 which is increasing day by day as the content of the site if thoroughly readable, so the visitors love to visit again and again.The rank of the chop news is 43,791 which is a perfect number for this website.

Website link – chopnews


The whole site contains lots of categories like:-

GLOBAL NEWS:- As the chop news says it does and you will get the full exposure of international news.

TECHNOLOGY:- It is the standard category which is found on every site, but chop news always provides a better piece of info.

HEALTH CARE:- In this section, you can get many solutions related to health problems which are very active.

ENTERTAINMENT:- This category on chopnews is the most updated category in which you lots of articles related to movies of Bollywood, Hollywood and Tollywood as well.

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SPORTS & EDUCATION:- This category has a unique value because most of the time lots of websites provide news related to tech and entertainment, but they leave these crucial categories.

chop news

The always perform decidedly quicker related entertainment category which is visible the entertainment industry is booming day by day which gives info about the latest movies cast and cries and you can say full detail about the film like director of the movie and you can read the short story about the movie which is thing that I loves most of the time because according to me always to find some little info about films but this site still give more then I expected.

The founder of the chop news is Akash Gola who is SEO expert and a well-known YouTuber which always provide good content on their youtube channel which is related to blogging, and they still share some tips and tricks about the blogging and which help the new bloggers to learn free of cost.

The chop news is currently running a core team, and their names are Pankaj Gola, Amit Gola, Dimple Gola.

Pankaj gola is the co-founder of the chop news, and he is also an SEO expert as well, and you can say the brain behind the shop news. He is also expert is traffic generation, and these works are also handled by the Pankaj gola.In the about section of this site you will get this information, and through this, I know about the passion of Pankaj gola, and he loves reading books and playing cricket and as well as blogging, and now he is pursuing a tech-related course from NIIT, New Delhi.

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The also has pretty good fanbase around the social media accounts which can be used to connect to the website.

At last, according to me, chop news is a pretty good website which can be used to get the info about the story around you and to get updated with the tech and entertainment industry.

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