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the Honda CRV 2019 is one of the best nation’ bestselling car, the best thing about the Honda CRV is that it is compact and crossover SUV here in this article we will provide you a complete review about the Honda CRV 2019.

This SUV is for you! If you want an SUV which is solid and dependable small-crossover SUV. The best thing about this SUV is that it will satisfy you every aspect. This SUV is self-sufficient in terms of technology, areas of styling, horsepower etc. this SUV is a very easy choice it was bundling its options trim and will make the buying process very easy. In 2019 this SUV is not very much changed and its color the Platinum white Pearl remains the same.

Honda crv 2019 vs 2018

  • new white paint is added which has replaced the Platinum white pearl has substituted the only White Diamond color. This comes with 10 color combination and in which 4 color is of grey.
  • There are new four trims levels are released, and they have stopped the production of Former EX-L. Which was with Touring in navigation now it is your choice whether you want Touring in your navigation system. READ MORE – when is easter 2019
  • The must know the thing about the Honda CRV 2019 vs 2018 is that the basic prices are becoming high. The basic LX which comes with front-wheel drive will start at the price of $24,345 in which the destination charge. Is included which comes around $995 and the wheel drive includes $26,745
  • The powertrain in 2019 stills remains the same which is 184 horsepower and which is produced by a 2.3 liter of a cylinder. In addition to a 190 horsepower turbocharger for a continuously variable automatic transmission.
  • the adult- roomy interior of this car hasn’t changed,

Honda crv 2019 interior

The interior of the Honda CR-V is very amazing it has notably family-friendly environment in the interior. The interior of this CRV is perfect in all condition and will impress everyone. It has a lot of storage space and a lot of space inside of it and in it comes in addition to a big Centre console bin. It has wide-opening rear doors which comes with a low cargo light height. The best thing about the Honda CR-V 2019 interior of this CRV is that it comes with Multimedia. Which is a 5- inch touchscreen on the very base of the LX and the touchscreen. In included with Volume Knob for EX and above

Honda crv 2019 model

this is a small sports Utility vehicle with 2 wheel drive, it has a huge space inside of it and the fuel system of this SUV is gasoline Direct injection. The new Honda CRV comes with almost all sort of safety gears and in the LX-trim is added to it. Is has supportive seats. READ MORE – Nurses week 2019

it has modeled with new and higher trims and in addition to this. The CR-Vs chromes grille sits high above and there is a perfect gap above and in the front bumper. In the model, it has four basic flavor turbo, non– turbo front-drive or all-wheel drive.

Honda CRV 2019 price

The Honda CR-V 2019 price on the road comes out to be 28.15 Lakh and when it comes to the diesel version it comes around to be 30.65 INR. The effective price varies from 28 Lakh to 32 lakh from city to city and in addition to this some of the specifications also changes
NEW DELHI Rs. 28-15 TO 32.75 LAKH
BANGALORE Rs. 28.15 TO 32.75 LAKH
PUNE Rs. 28.15 TO 32.75 LAKH

Honda crv 2019 review

The car is no doubt amazing, but if you are looking for a compact crossover SUV which is good in almost every aspect then the 2019 Honda CR-V is not you should opt for. It is not catchy and it doesn’t have cohesive style inside or out. One this that makes this SUV amazing is its exterior and interior and in addition, it has high trims level. In overall, the Honda CRV is one of the best drives you can go for but you will not get a much better version in terms of the new model. READ MORE – MARTIN LUTHER KING JR DAY 2019

  • This SUV is not for if you want to go Off-road. Or if you want to tow two more vehicles with you. this is a stylish and Decent SUV and is best for general purposes
  • the design of this SUV is somewhat wired
  • this is an SUV and yet there is nothing which will make this a thrill machine
  • competitors are producing better models and SUV as compared to this

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