16 October, 2019
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How chocolates are made | chocolates!

Chocolates are there anyone who doesn’t like chocolates ?? a hell no. Chocolates are an integral part of any celebrations surprises etc. they are small snacks which are generally used to sweeten your mouth. There are many types of chocolates all around the world do you ever thought of how they are made of no. Here we tell you how chocolates are made step by step.
1>chocolate ingredients,
The main ingredients are

  • chocolate liquor generally theobroma cacao seeds
  • cocoa butter added for white chocolates.
  • added sugars: it can be artificial or natural.
  • water was depending upon the amount of thickness of chocolate.

Depending upon the type of chocolate it is other ingredients are made it, i.e. for white chocolate milk is added for sweets are added for sweet chocolate more candies are made. READ MORE Ten best Earphones under 1000 INR

2>how to make chocolate from cocoa beans

We need mixtures in measured amount for that we make cocoa powder and mix it worth butter the mixing process should be carried for a bit longer while to mix them thoroughly. After maxing, they are left at room temperature for softening purpose. A measured amount of sugar is added to it, and then a determined amount of water is inserted to it. Which is allowed free for a while till your chocolate is ready. READ MORE Best chicken recipes

3.How dark chocolates are made.

  • first step is to enable cocoa pods to mature for five to6 months then by hands or by machine the seeds are opened, and the beans are removed.
  • Then these beans are fragmented in which its bitter taste is removed, and fruity flavor is settled.
  • Then they are put into revolving drums in which roasted beans are blower to lose shells off, and we get nibs which are ground and heated into “chocolate liquor” then cocoa butter is combined with liquor. To make dark chocolates sugar and vanilla are added to it this way dark chocolate is formed.

How chocolates are made from bean to bar

1>Harvesting:: ripe cocoa pods are harvested twice a year.

  • The pods are cut into open, and the white pulp is containing the cocoa beans is scooped out.
  • There are many specifications on which cocoa are cut depending upon climate and soil. READ MORE How to cook chicken

2>Fermenting: the pods and pulps are allowed to get fermented for one week This is done to remove the bitter taste.

3>Drying: the fermenting is followed by drying they are spread under the sun.

4>Roasting:: after drying they are roasted and the amount of temperature and time are part of the recipe.

5>The process is followed by cracking the sheet over the pods and leave behind nibs

Which are ground into a paste by adding water this forms a liquor then ingredients are added depending upon the type pod chocolate the process is followed by tempering which finally results in chocolate bars

How chocolate is made the video::

How chocolate is made from cocoa beans video::

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