Born on January 15, 1929, Martin Luther King was an American Baptist minister and activist. Is the most famous spokesperson and was the leader for civil rights movements which was started in 1954, the king was born Atlanta and for famous all around for advancing civil rights without any violence and civil disobedience

martin luther king jr day

In 1955 Martin Luther king leaded Montgomery bus boycott and became the first president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. When he was in SCLC again led an unsuccessful struggle against segregation which was in Albany Georgia in the year 1962. Martin Luther King provided significant help to organize the march on Washington in the year 1963 where he gave one of the most famous speeches of all time “I have a dream” speech.

Martin Luther King Jr is honored by Nobel peace prize on October 14th, 1964 for combating the racial inequality with nonviolent resistance. Even after he never stopped in the year 1965, he helps in the organization of Selma to Montgomery marches, and in the next year, he with hi SCLC started a new movement from north to Chicago to work on segregated housing. While he was in his final years, he focused entirely on opposition to poverty and the Vietnam War.

With this speech “Beyond Vietnam” in the year 1967 he alienated most of his liberal allies. FBI agents investigated him for possible communist’s ties, recorded his extramarital liaisons and reported on the king to the government, and in addition to this at this time, the Martin Luther King was tried to threaten with some anonymous letter.

In the year of 1968, the king had planned the national occupation of Washington, be called the poor people campaign, during which he was assassinated on April 4 in Memphis Tennessee. Riots in many cities of U.S followed the Couse of his death. read more – world cup 2019 cricket

Due to his extraordinary work, the king was awarded Presidential Medal of Freedom, and in addition to this, he also got the Congressional Gold Medal. Martin Luther King Jr. day was established on which there is a public holiday in numerous cities and states beginning in the year 1971. At the federal level which was legislation signed by the president Ronald Reagan in 1986, the holiday was enacted. At present, hundreds of streets have renamed in honor of Martin Luther, and in addition to this, a county was also rededicated in the Washington state.

Martin Luther King Jr day
Every third Monday in January is observed as a legal holiday or as Martin Luther King Day in some states of the U.S. the Martin Luther King Jr. A day is the official birthday of Martin Luther King Jr. which also referred as MLK day which is an American federal holiday. This holiday is somewhat similar to all the governmental holidays which comes under the Uniform Monday Holiday acts

About the Martin Luther King yr. day 2019

President Ronald Reagan signed the holiday into Law in 1983, and this holiday was first to be observed for the first three years, while in the beginning there were some states who were in oppose with this holiday and according to the alternative name should be given to this day or it can be combined with other holidays and after many discussions and meetings the day was finally celebrated in the year 2000 in almost 50 states. read more – First day of summer 2019

the official name of this day is observed as Birthday of Martin Luther King Jr and in day is also popular was MLK day in short and in addition to this some of the names like kings day and Reverend Dr. Martin Luther Jr. A day is also favorite. This is a national type of holiday which is only observed in the United States. Every year the date for his birthday changes and Martin Luther King Jr. day 2019 will be celebrated on January 21,

The national Martin Luther King Day or MLK Day is also celebrated as service day which was made by the former Pennsylvania U.S. Senator Harris Wofford and Atlanta Congressman John Lewis; they together co-authored the Martin Luther King’s holiday and the service Act. while this was under discussion, the federal legislation forced American to change the kings holiday into a day in which citizen should volunteer services to honor the king for that a law was signed by the federal legislation by President Bill Clinton on the August 23 in the year 1994
There are many universities around the US some of them are Arizona State University participates in the Martin Luther King Jr. Day of service to honor MLK
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