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medusa facts/medusa story / the real story of medusa :-In Greek Myth, Medusa was a monster, a Gorgon, for the foremost half delineate as a winged human feminine with living venomous snakes established of hair. Gazers upon her face would swing to stone. Most sources depict her because the female child of Phorcys and Ceto, but the creator Hyginus makes her the lady of Gorgon and Ceto. As per poet and Aeschylus, she lived associated passed on an island named Sarpedon, someplace shut Cisthene. Medusa was headless by the legend Perseus, Who from there on utilized her head, that command its capability to swing spectators to stone, as a weapon till the purpose once he offered it to the immortal Pallas Athena to place on her protect. In the established object, the image of the top of Medusa showed up within the insidious deflecting gismo called the Gorgoneion.

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While Hellenic language vase-painters and encourage carvers pictured Medusa and her sisters as animals organized of the expansive frame, stone carvers and vase-painters of the fifth century began to envision her as being wonderful and additionally formidable. in a very tribute written in 490 B.C., Pindar as of currently talks concerning “reasonable cheeked Medusa”.

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In a late kind of the Medusa story, connected by the Roman author Ovid, Medusa was at the start a delightfully fantastic woman, “the desirous goal of diverse suitors,” however since Greek deity had raped her in Athena’s sanctuary, the outraged Athena modified Medusa’s glorious hair to serpents and created her face thus frightful to look at that the unimportant sight of it might swing spectators to stone. In Ovid’s telling, Perseus portrays Medusa’s discipline by Minerva (Athena) as simply and everyone around earned.

Present day elucidations:-

Various early works of art researchers deciphered the parable of the Medusa as a semi recorded – ‘in light-weight of or recreated from a happening, custom, style, so forth., previously’, or ‘sublimated’ memory of a real intrusion. As indicated by Joseph Campbell (an American mythologist): The legend of Perseus decapitating Medusa implies, notably, that ‘the Hellenes overran the goddess’ main sanctuaries’ and ‘stripped her priestesses of their mythical monster veils’,

the last being lucky faces worn to disconcert away the defile. In alternative words, there happened within the mid-thirteenth century B.C. a real notable burst, a sort of social science injury, that has been listed during this story, very much like what Sigmund Freud terms the inactive substance of a depression is noncommissioned within the show substance of a fantasy: noncommissioned nevertheless coated up, listed within the oblivious nevertheless obscure or misinterpreted by the cognizant temperament.


In 1940, Sigmund Freud’s ‘Das Medusenhaupt (Medusa’s Head)’ was distributed after death. In Freud’s translation: ‘To execute = to maim. The fear of Medusa is in this manner a dread of mutilation that is connected to seeing something. Various examinations have made us acquainted with the event for this: it happens when a kid, who has up to this point been unwilling to trust the danger of mutilation, notices the female private parts, presumably those of a grown-up, encompassed by the hair, and basically those of his mom.’

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zeus myths / zeus facts / zeus story

In this viewpoint, the ‘stunningly wonderful’ Medusa (see above) is the mother recalled in purity; before the mythic truth of maiming, day breaks regarding the matter. Exemplary Medusa, interestingly, is an Oedipal/lustful manifestation. Taking a gander at illegal mother (in her hair-secured privates, in a manner of speaking) hardens the subject of unlawful want and stops him in dread of the Father’s revenge. There are no recorded cases of Medusa turning a lady to stone.

Woman’s rights:-

In the twentieth century, women’s activists reassessed Medusa’s appearances in writing and in current culture, including the utilization of Medusa as a logo by design organization Versace. The name ‘Medusa’ itself is regularly utilized as a part of ways not specifically associated with the fanciful figure but rather to recommend the gorgon’s capacities or to hint malice; in spite of her birthplaces as a marvel, the name in like manner utilization ‘came to mean beast.’

The book Female Wrath: Opening Its Privileged insights, Asserting Its Energy by Mary Valentis and Anne Devane noticed that ‘When we asked ladies what female fury looks like to them, it was dependably Medusa, the snake-haired creature of myth, who rung a bell … In one meeting after another, we were informed that Medusa is ‘the most ghastly lady on the planet’ (thought) none of the ladies we met could recollect the points of interest of the myth.’

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Medusa has in some cases showed up as talking to ideas of logical philosophical theory and agnosticism, notably curiously with sentimental vision. during this elucidation of Medusa, endeavors to abstain from work her eyes speak to evading the apparently discouraging reality that the universe is sweet for nothing. London utilizes Medusa on these lines in his novel The Rebellion of the Elsinore.

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