Here in this article we have compiled some of the world’s most popular liquor in the world. Liquor, this article is must read for you if you are one who loves drinking. With a huge selections of brands which are popular around the world, there are many brands, bottle around the world, hence this article will help you to choose which one to choose.

popular liquor brands


this is a flagship brand which comes from United spirits limited, this is one of the world’s class whiskey, which is a very huge market around the world, there are many variants under this whiskey are McDowell’s No.1 Reserve or Diet Mate are some of the best sellers, the amazing thing to know about this whiskey is that it is world’s best and first diet whiskey in the worlds. The thing to know about this drink is that this one of the top liquor brand in India.


here is one of the most anticipated brand and this brand has market around the world and this is one of the best and high selling beer around the world. You can consider this drink as national drink in India. This beer is manufactured by united Breweries Group, this beer has many variants but some of the best variants which have high customer choice are kingfisher strong, Kingfisher premium, Kingfisher Drought, Kingfisher Red and kingfisher lager.   


this is a anise-flavoured liqueurs which is one of the best seller, this is one of the best distilled beverage which is manufactured by beverage division which is a former corporation Seagram and under this brand one the best seller brand is Chivas Regal and in addition to this many brands are available. READ MORE- TOP 10 OFF ROAD CARS

Crown Royal,

well, there comes the bomb. The amazing thing about this liquor is that it is the best liquor to drink straight. This is one of the best blended Canadian Whiskey owned by Diageo, this is one of the best beverage which has very high demand around the world, and this whiskey came into the market when Seagram portfolio was dissolved in 2000.


This is a vodka, one of the best types of liquor which is a high demand around the world. Well, this brand is mostly loved by women’s. This is an ultra-smooth vodka which has a classic taste and in addition to this it is available in the many variants and has a huge fan base around the world. READ MORE- TOP 10 OFF-ROAD BIKES

Jack Daniel’s,

this is a brand whiskey which is one of the best-selling liquors around the world. This is brand of sour mash Tennessee Whiskey which ci very smooth and tasty whiskey. This brand is also famous with the name of black label and square bottles. Well the best thing about this brand is that this brand meets all the regulatory criteria’s which helps this whiskey to classify as a straight bourbon.

Havana Club,

well this comes under the category of those alcohol which have a dark and beautiful colour, the best thing about this alcohol is that this is available in the market for different flavours sweet, chocolate, oak, tobacco, banana leaf and many spices. This is one of those alcohol which is available in many variants. The best thing about this brand is that this is somewhat creamy, silky and fruity finish.


this brand is for alcohol lovers, this is one of the high loved brands around the world. The thing for which people are mad for this brand is that it provides the highest quality. This is actually scotch which is very fine. When you drink this brand you will find it as silky smooth and at the end, you will find the smoky finish and in the end, you will feel delighted. READ MORE- How chocolates are made

Jim Beam,

this is a bourbon, one of the top 10 liquors and in addition to this one of the best in class distilled beverages, well in the market this is popular with “smart” decanter. This is very smooth and when you will drink it you will come in love with it. The Amazing this about this brand is that this comes under one of popular liquor brands.


this is again one of the best in class jagermeister. This is one of the most selling alcohol, this brand comes in the category of finer cocktails. The main problem with this brand is that, its cost. And in addition to this it is a premium brand and this is must taste for all drinkers.


when it comes to Irish whiskey, Jameson is one of the best brand which comes from the Irish whiskey and in addition to that when it comes original drink, you should taste this. Jameson’s has many variants and in addition to this all these variants have their huge market around the whole world.

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