Nurses week 2019

The first nursing week was celebrated in 1954, and every year it begins on 6th, and it is continued till 12th of May, the nurse’s week is dedicated to honouring the work of nurses which they do throughout the year with their full dedication. Here in this article, we will provide you complete information about nurses week 2019 since nursing is significant and very respective work we all should have proper knowledge of this day and should celebrate this week besides we can learn a lesson of responsibility from the kind of work they do.

international nurses day

It was the year 1971 when the international council of Nurse declared that the 12th might be celebrated has international nurses day and after which in 1985 the CNA members demanded to the federal government to have a full nurses week which will contain the worldwide nurses day 12th may and which will be declared as national nurses week. After certain discussion and meeting, the 2nd week of May was announced as the National Nurses Week. And it was in the year 1993 the name was changed to National nursing week. read more – MARTIN LUTHER KING JR DAY 2019

The week celebrates the work of Florence Nightingale a nurse who was very popular for treating soldiers who were wounded at the time of Crimean war, and after her work, the profession as nursing was established. Here one thing which is very interesting about Florence was that she was also known as the “ the lady with Lamp” and she also was the founder of nursing school which was established in the year 1860 and which aimed at providing the best in class professional nursing education for the whole world.

The national nursing day, as well as the national nursing week, is celebrated annually from Monday to Sunday of the same week of May 12th. For the year 2019, the national nurses week will be from May 6, Monday to May 12th Sunday. world cup 2019 cricket

The ANA American Nurses Association is the organisation which sponsors the national nurses day they even promote it and are supported form the day it was declared in the year 1985. According to ANA every year they release a theme by which people around the world can use to celebrate the nurses day

nurses week gifts

One of the best way you can use to appreciates nurses on the nursing week 2019 is by giving them gifts and this will not take a considerable amount of money, here are some of the nurses week gifts which you can provide to nurses

Lifesaver candies, you can take sweets and wrap them up with some of the best Quotes are “ you are a life saver” and can give this to nurses, this will be a great gift for nurses week gifts

you can write thank you letter for them which up can leave on their desk, which will surprise them a lot

one of the best thing that you can do it to you can cut the cake for them in hospitals and with all the nurses

in today’s era everyone is on social networking sites, make use of it you can take pictures with nurses and post them your wall, this will be very surprising for them

You can also use the Quotes and send them wishes as a happy nursing week.

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children’s are loved by everyone you can gather children, or you can celebrate happy nurses day in school and in that you can tell the children’s some of the tips and ways by which they can keep them self-away from ill health

Some of the ideas using which you can celebrate the nurses week 2019

you can have lunch or some of the learning periods with nurses so that you can get to know about their work, role, and responsibilities

you can call a nursing person, for a talk in your community on nurses day

on nurses day, nurses can be given some of the sorts of social outing in your organizations

Or as done in day’s era you can post or put the status on your social media account thanking for the work nurses do for us.

gather around on the happy nurses day and with the help of any nurses organize a seminar on which nurses can guide you with how to live a comfortable lifestyle

Nursing is one of the best and most honorable professions in today’s world; you are next to god if you are helping others to save their life. and on the other hand, the nursing is also a very responsible and hard profession, on this upcoming nursing week 2019 with all the nursing with the happy nursing week and happy nursing day and thanks them for their contribution

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