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send free sms without registration / way2sms review :- offers SMS communication cost free to mobile users, at the same time, enables advertisers to reach out to millions of mobile users through the revolutionary concept of ‘Mobitisement’ (advertisement on a mobile phone). Mobile users can register at absolutely no cost with, and start sending out text messages to their near and dear ones across the country. Receivers of the messages need not be registered Way2SMS users.

Each text message that is sent out has an advertisement appended to it, thus making it the revolutionary ‘Mobitisement’.Way2SMS generates revenue through Mobitisements. Once it was a day of friendship day, where I had thought to send my all friends SMS wishing a friendship day. so, being greedy, I sent it to all friends from one website, where they had said as “unlimited free SMS in friendship week..”

but the response from my every friend was arrogant because they never got that SMS….

so, I was searching for some website service, where I can send free SMS with perfect delivery…

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then I got to read sister sam’s review on…. it has been two months since I am using this, and I never got any problem…..


for everyone who uses the internet and they want to save money on their SMS charges…

I want to share this..

way2sms review

I have found many websites which send free SMS in the entire city of India, but I am impressed with this website.

so, at least to get touch with most of my friends, I send them free SMS every day…

earlier I use to send from other websites, but there were many problems occurred…

on most of the time, my friend didn’t get SMS sent…..

if this has happened to you, so why not to try

let me write some points on

1) your username is your mobile number, so low chance of forgetting user id if you use it very rarely.

2) it has two types of the page for two different types of connection, so, if the high-bandwidth is not supporting your computer, just move to low-bandwidth version, and you will be able to enjoy without any inconvenience.

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3) once you add your friends to the contact list, you can send them future SMS in two ways. If you arrange contacts according to groups, you can send single SMS with just one click.

at one click, you can send ten SMS and delivery is instant within 10 seconds

you can make many numbers of groups according to your usage, and send a standard message to everyone.


4) regarding security, way2sms is at best than other SMS websites. Even if you had the option of saving the password, you have to log in again once you close the browser or if it is active for more than 10 minutes.

5) offers free unlimited SMS, at no any condition.. mostly other website provides an only limited number of SMS in a day even if it is free…

6) per SMS, you can send 140 characters, and the size of SMS that your friend receives is only of 1 SMS…. one of the other providers supports 145 roles, but its SMS size is of 2 sons…..

7) although it is not necessary of signing in yahoo or google messenger through any other website in nowadays, still, if u wish, you can log in to yahoo and google talk (because I don’t feel this service needed, I have not used it till today….)

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8) the user receives SMS as sent by your number…. so it is more convenient to the receiver also.

9) you can also post SMS review on MS from…..

regards and be happy

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