16 October, 2019
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100+ Best Social Bookmarking site list 2019

Are you looking for a way to bring a high amount of traffic to your website? Then you have come to the right place. Here in this article, we have provided a complete guide on social bookmarking which is a way to bring traffic on your websites, in addition to defining what social bookmarking we will also provide you high PR social bookmarking sites list. Content in this article is:-

  • What is social bookmarking?
  • How to do social bookmarking?
  • Social bookmarking sites list.

What is social bookmarking?

Social bookmarking is a way to do SEO for your website we can define social bookmarking as a way which will allow you to add, modify and share your web documents. There are many online sites or places where you can share your web documents.

How to do social bookmarking?

In this section we will provide you step by step approach to social bookmarking.

Step 1: in this step you need to select a website which you want to create an account with.

Step:-2 once you have selected the website now you have to create an account, for that purpose you need to provide your email ID and password after that you have provided, now you need to post your blogs

Step-3:- in this step, all you have to do is to give the description for your post, and add your blogs link to it. And submit

After that you have submitted your web documents, there the magic, people comes to these website, finding solution to their problem, they will read your blogs and if they like your post they will direct themselves to your blog and this way your blog will gain traffic.

Advantages of social bookmarking sites

  • You get an exposure for your blogs and you gain traffic.
  • Here you can find your competitors.
  • Here the best thing is that you get link exchange which is best way to do SEO for your blog.

High PR bookmarking sites

Here in this section, we will provide you social bookmarking sites list, which you can use to submit your web documents. READ MORE –
200+ High PR Directory submission site list 2019

New social bookmarking sites list

1. Twitter.com

2. Digg.com

3. Stumbleupon.com

4 .Reddit.com

5 .Buzzfeed.com

6. Start.me

7. JumpTag.com

8. Fark.com

9. Pinterest.com

10. Inbound.org

11. Linkatopia.com

12. Newsvine.com

13. Diigo.com

14. Squdoo.com

15. Technorati.com

16. Bookmark 4 You.com

17. Folkd.com

18. Social Bookmarks Site.com

19. Bibsonomy.org

20. Triberr.com

21. DesignFloat.com

22. BizSugar.com

23. LinkArena.com

24. YahooBookmarks.com

25. MuggHub.com

26. Free Ticket Open.com

27. Hot Bookmarking.com

28. Social Bookmark Zone.info

29. NewsMeBack.com

30. Bookmark Diary.com

31. Video-Bookmark.com

32. OpenFaves.com

33. MyHQ.com

34. SaveYourLinks.com

35. HubPages.com

36. SiteJot.com

37. Social Bookmarking Time.info

38. Bookmark Cart.info

39. IKeepBookmarks.com

40. DZone.com

41. SheToldMe.com

42. Bookmark Follow.com

43. stubbleupon.com

44. Social Bookmaking Easy.info

45 DotNetKicks.com

46. Scoop.it

47. EverNote.com

48. PearlTrees.com

49. XMarks.com

High PR social bookmarking sites, here in this section we will provide High PR social bookmarking sites. And in addition to this the best part of these website is that this list is that this is a free social bookmarking sites list with high PR

  1. Reddit with DA and PA as 99 and 95
  2. Stumbleupon.com with DA and PA as 98 and 95
  3. Dig.com with DA and PA 99 and 95
  4. Scoop.it with DA and PA 90 and 88
  5. Delicious with DA and PA as 96 and 95
  6. Slashdot.com with DA and PA as 98 and 95
  7. Newsvine with DA and Pa as 90 and 90

High PR social bookmarking sites,

in section these are the some of the high PR social bookmarking sites which will help you to social bookmark you websites.

  1. http://ittipz.com/
  2. http://loadby.com/
  3. http://ovsalud.com/
  4. http://pbflies.com/
  5. http://pendapat.info/
  6. http://pockted.com/
  7. http://rgriles.com/
  8. http://smadda.com/
  9. http://timejoob.com/
  10. http://tooloz.com/
  11. http://yaftenews.com/
  12. http://blinklists.com/
  13. http://99backlink.com/
  14. http://99submit.com/
  15. http://bestlinksworlds.com/
  16. https://bam.bz/1q1
  17. http://bestsitebookmarks.com/
  18. http://bookmarkbay.com/
  19. http://bookmarking.oonfun.com/
  20. http://bookmarkingbase.com/
  21. http://highprbook.com/
  22. http://gymsupplier.net/
  23. http://gardicanin.net/
  24. http://gen-eff.net/

Conclusion: –

social bookmarking is the best way to bring traffic to your website, all you have to do is to take some high PR social bookmarking sites and make account to them and then submit your post there, this will surely help you to get your blog ranked.

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