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The super bowl is the American football game played to determine the champion of the National Football League (NFL). The last super bowl was played on Feb 4, 2018, which was again followed by 2017. The main idea behind this game is that it is a part of the merger agreement which is between the NFL and American football league. In this game, the team who have won the maximum title Is Pittsburgh stealers, and the number of medals they have earned is six.

The super bowl is one of the most awaited game, there is a lot of curiosity among the fans, and they want to know who will win the game, people are supporting their teams. The Atlanta last hosted the game in 2000 at Georgia Dome; this stadium is one of the 5 in a whole stadium in which the entire matches are to be played. This is interesting to know that the very first super bowl was held in the year 1967 it was when the American football league and national football league faced each other.

On May 19, 2015, the league announced the top four finalists for super bowl 2019 that will compete to the host super bowl LIII in the year 2019. After the voting was completed the. READ MORE – YOM KIPPUR 2019

Where is the super bowl 2019?

The super bowl 2019 will take place at the Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta, home of the Falcons; the amazing thing is that this will be very first super bowl which will be hosted at the stadium and it will be the third super bowl which will be hosted at the Atlanta. The super bowl 2019 will take place on Sunday on February 3, 2019. The Super Bowl will be televised by the CBS, and they will telecast it on the which is their official channel for such sort of telecast.

The Mercedes- Benz Stadium has a capacity of 71,000 people, and these seats can be expanded up to 80,000. The stadium is equipped with a retractable roof which is designed very uniquely

Where was the super bowl 2018?

The game was played previously on February 4, 2018, and it was the second time when the Super Bowl was performed in the Minneapolis, which is the northernmost city which is hosting the event. This was the sixth super bowl held when the weather is cold in the city. The total number of people who were available at the game was recorded as 67,612, and in addition to this the match was telecasted on the NBC network

On the super bowl 2018, there are several records which were set. Like most points scored by a Super Bowl losing team, fewest punts form both the team, etc. READ MORE- HONDA CRV 2019 REVIEW

Super bowl 2019 teams

The paths towards super bowl is not an easy one. Eight teams are remaining in the NFL playoff bracket, and every team has a shot at winning Super Bowl LIII. The teams are Saints. Eagles, Rams, and Cowboys are the teams are form national football league and team Chiefs, Colts, Patriots, and chargers are form the American domestic league.

Super bowl 2019 location

The Super Bowl will be played at the Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta; this is for the first time any match of Super Bowl will be played at this stadium. The super bowl 2019 location Mercedes Benz will host the very first match on Sunday, Kick-off time. READ MORE – when is easter 2019

2019 super bowl tickets

The super bowl LIII will arrive Feb 3, 2019. This is one of the most significant sports events in the whole world. Hence this is not very easy to get the tickets for this event. These tickets are coveted by football fans everywhere. Stub Hub is the best way to get the super bowl ticket for the world biggest sports event. People who get their super bowl tickets on stub hub are treated to an exclusive pre-game experience.

One thing to consider upon is that all the tickets sold through Stub hub’s Protect Guarantee. And in addition to this one more thing to think is that the cards which are sold by stub hub are costly and are limited, the cards from stub hub are in demand and the super bowl tickets price is around $2,000 to $5,000 per ticket again the super bowl ticket price also depends on the match which is to be played between the teams.

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