Cricket is one of the tops played the game in the world the game of batsman and bowler is very interesting, the game cricket is originated from England and is well known as gentleman’s game. this is a game in which each playing is even with chance to score runs and against the bowling team who have their fielding set all around and the teams who score more run is the winner of this game, here in this article we have compiled some of the top 10 facts about cricket which will keep you stunned!

top 10 unknown facts about cricket

  • one of the surprising truth about cricket is the highest run scored in a single over in actually, not 36, but it is a score of 77, this record was made in the match between Canterbury and Wellington and the over was bowled by R.H Vance. READ MORE – KIA OPTIMA 2019
  • A cricket player Wilfred Rhodes has the highest wicket taken by any bowler record, and he holds a record of 4,204 wickets in his entire career.
  • this is very interesting to know that the longest game took place in the year 1939 and this game continued for 14 days and the fun part is that even after playing for 14 days the game ended up with a tie
  • one of the funny fact about cricket is that one a cricket game was stopped because from somewhere a pig ran across the field
  • cricket is one of the biggest game on which people bet all over the world and in today’s time there are many gambling sites on which you can bet for matches

Many people want to how betting websites work and some of the trusted site for betting. Here a particular body takes some money from everyone betting and as a result, and the winner of the bet is declared a certain amount of money is paid to the winner. For example, two teams are playing any match. The body will decide the chance between the win and lose. People are here allowed to bet their option about which team will win, depending upon the result the money is given to all to the people. some of the trusted websites for betting are under. READ MORE- Super bowl 2019

Some of the best betting sites for cricket are

  • betway- this is one of the most significant betting sites which provides you with Rs. 8000 exclusive bonus and this is the most trusting website which has a 5-star rating
  • Betrally- is another best betting site for cricket which will provide you with Rs. 20,000 exclusive welcome bonus.
  • 22bet- is one of the best betting websites for earnings, in which you will be presented with the total assistant on how you can earn money, and in addition to this they offer you with a welcome bonus of Rs. 8000 and the user of this site have given 4.5 rating out of 5
  • in addition to this, some of the sites like, dafabet, bet365 are also some of the best betting websites for earnings

Free cricket betting tips

  • Have a check of the team, the player in the team based on this you can decide which team will win.
  • track the records of the group, how they play and what is their trend in winning
  • have a check for climatic and pitch condition based on this you can decide the winning of the team
  • lastly, you can check the type of player, and in both the team and their mastery, in what situation they play well, this helps you to bet effectively- READ MORE- free cricket betting tips
  • this is left to the umpire to choose which batsman has run out since only one batsman can be run out at a time
  • in total there are three umpires two in a field and one for their referee
  • the first cricket match was played in the year 1646
  • India the country which has the highest cricket playing population

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