16 October, 2019
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TOP 10 OFF-ROAD BIKES | off road bikes!

off road bikes are somewhat similar to bikes which are made for on-road purpose which they differ in some of the key difference, one of the funny difference is that they have long names and they have to provide more power for rotation and in addition to this they are made lightweight so that driver can feel easy while driving, here in this article we have compiled top 10 off-road bikes which you can buy if you love off-road biking.



this is one of the best off-road bikes which is continuing his legacy form the year 2006 and now at this position this bike has evolved a lot, for the 2019 model this bike has got a bigger engine and in addition to this it has got Variable valves and the best thing about this model is that there are many positions for adding some addition catalogs which includes keyless start, dynamic electrical suspension and in addition to this the best catalogs you can get is cornering ABS and SOS button. READ MORE- How chocolates are made

2>    Triumph Tiger 1200 XCA,

this bike is one of best adventure bike which is available in the market, this bike is also continuing its legacy form a long time, on the year 2018 the tires of this motorbike where given a totally new model and in addition to this bells and whistles where also added to this, some of the best thing other than a powerful engine of these best adventure bike is it has keyless start and cornering light in addition to this it has arrow exhaust and semi-active suspension though.

3>    KTM 1290 super adventure R,

this is beauty, or a perfect example of beauty with brain and in it one of the best KTM off-road bike which is made by KTM, this bike has a V-twin engine and a massive 158 horsepower capacity some of the best thing about if best ktm off-road bike is that it has a semi-active suspension an essential colour which is having TFT flash it has LED lighting with it and ride modes and many options which will help you to customize this beauty with the way you want.


this is now an impressive ride form YAMAHA, this bike is fully pimped with 74 liter panniers and in addition to this LED fog lights and belly pan, the thing which makes this bike different from other is that I a tall screen and a few carbon bits, this bike has a powerful 111 HP engine which is a parallel twin which has a capacity of 1,199 ccs with a weight of 265 KG. Well, this is one of the best adventure bikes and a must try for all who love off roads.


this is now a bomb from Honda, the best features of this best Honda off-road bikes which are available in the market, this bike has parallel twin engine which has a power of 94 bhp and a capacity of 998 cc and in addition to this it has a Honda excellent dct auto gearbox which is stunning and the best thing about Honda is that it has given option so that you can customize your bike the way you want to customize it, with TFT dash a semi-active suspension it looks stunning. READ MORE- Best chicken recipes


now let’s talk about one of the best off-road motorcycles which are a BMW brand. Talking about specification, it is one of the best big off-road adventure bikes which is available to you. It has a 6.5” TFT dash and full LED lighting with SOS system and a dynamic electrical suspension. This bike comes with a parallel twin and a power of 94 BHP with a 853 cc of capacity. And the best part this bike is licenced with A with a weight of 244 KG

7>    YAMAHA TENERE 700,

this is one of the most anticipated adventure bikes which is available in market at this position. The best thing about this bike is that it a long travel suspension. It has a Parallel Twin engine which provides a power of 72 Bhp. With a capacity of 689 ccs and in addition to all this, it is one of the best off-road bikes in India.


this is one of the best option available for a small best adventure bike,. This bike has a single cylinder engine. which can provide a power of 24 BHP and it has a capacity of 249 CC. And it comes with an A2 license READ MORE – How to cook chicken


This bike one of the best off-road bikes In India. And in addition to this it is also one of the best off-road motorcycle 2019. When taken all thing together, this is a decent bike with a single cylinder engine. Which has a capacity of 411 CC which makes a power of 24 BHP.

10>    TRIUMPH TIGER 800 Xcx,

this bike is somewhat a fusion of on road as well as off-road bikes. It has a single cylinder engine with an 800 cc of capacity it has 6-speed gearbox and one of the best option available in the market.  

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