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Top 10 tea subscription boxes / best tea subscription box :- Tea has played a significant role in the history of humanity and has been the favourite drink of royalty around the world for centuries, even millennia. Now you can enjoy the same world-class, high-quality teas queens and kings have experienced throughout history. No hassle, no trips to the store, just great teas delivered straight to your door for maximum pleasure. We bring you the best tea subscription box in the country. Drink the best teas from around the world in the comfort of your own home. It is time for some royal treatment.

Instead of making an effort to trek to a cafe to pay for an overpriced drink, enjoy some fantastic teabox options in the relaxing atmosphere of your home.

You can expand your tea box every month with these excellent tea subscription box.

While there are plenty to choose from, we narrowed it down to our top 10 tea subscription boxes. Pinkies up!

tea subscription box

1. Simple Loose Leaf Tea

What You’ll Get: If you’re fresh to the teabox world, starting out with Simple Loose Leaf Tea is the way to dip in. With your first box, they’ll send you everything you need to enjoy loose leaf tea. Every table after that will have 10+ grams of four different teas. Pure Loose Leaf Tea makes it easy for tea box beginners to try something new without committing to a whole bag. It’s that simple!

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the United States

2. Tea Runners

What You’ll Get: Tea Runners delivers some of the highest quality teas from small-batch producers, many of which are top place finishers at the Global teabox Championship Awards. Each box includes four different types of loose leaf tea for 30-50 cups, plus tasting notes and brewing instructions.

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the United States; free shipping within the US and Canada

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3. Eco-Cha Tea Club

What You’ll Get: If you love going the extra mile to protect our beautiful mother earth, you’ll especially enjoy Eco-Cha teabox Club. These handmade oolong teas hail all the way from small family farms in Taiwan. These teas will not only tickle your palate, but they’ll impress your tea box party guests with their exclusivity. Eco-Cha Tea Club’s teas are the all small batch with a tremendous flavour.

Shipping:Ships worldwide from Taiwan

4. Cozy Reader Club

What You’ll Get: Sometimes spontaneity is what you need, and that’s what Cozy Reader Club provides. The Cozy Reader Club box includes a new novel, handmade treats, a surprise of teabox, coffee or hot chocolate and adorable handmade random items. This box has all the proper stuff to curl up with a hot cup of tea and feel gloriously cosy.

Shipping:Ships to select countries from the United States

5. teatourist

What You’ll Get: Oh tea tourist teas? Yeah, you’ve probably never heard of them. But now you have! With their six artisanal, hand picked teabox samplers; we believe that they should be part of the tea box rockstars. Every month you’ll tour these new fresh new samples, and before long, you’ll be your tea sommelier (if they have those).

Shipping:Only ships within the United Kingdom. Free shipping within the UK.

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6. Persephone’s Herbal

What You’ll Get: So what do you do if you want to embody the tea box truly? Well, you can start by growing a green thumb with the help of Persephone’s Herbal. Each box of Persephone’s Herbal specifies one herb and includes the herb-specific magazine. The magazine helps you find the tea in you with advice on growing that specific herb. The box also provides the seeds and teas each month.

Shipping:Ships worldwide from the United States

7. Pembertea

What You’ll Get: Transport yourself into the study of Pemberley, Northanger Abbey, or Jane Austen herself with Pembertea. You’ll receive exclusive, artisan-made tea samples, bookmarks, jewellery, stationery, and other stickers or goodies. It makes the perfect gift for any period drama lover too.

Shipping: Ships worldwide on the 21st of every month

8. Respyre

What You’ll Get: This wellness-focused subscription box used all of the right products to promote self-care. The main ingredient? Tea! Each box comes with loose leaf teabox blends, aromatherapy essential oils, soy wax candles, and more. Bonus: Everything is plant-based and cruelty-free!

Shipping: Ships by the 27th of every month to select countries

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9. Field to Cup

What You’ll Get: Each month, you’ll receive a variety of black, green, wellness, fruit, herbal and white teaboxs. The curators of this box of choosing from 1,000s of beverages worldwide to fill this subscription box. The quality is guaranteed!

Shipping: Ships worldwide at the beginning of every month

10. Far West tea box Club

What You’ll Get: Receive tea straight from the farm to your cup. This subscription specialises in delivering teas that have been grown on small family farms, so that each blend is unique and of the highest quality. Each box includes 4 to 7 varieties of tea plus a surprise bonus sample!

Shipping: Ships worldwide near the 15th of every month

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