UAN activation / what is uan / uan registration

UAN activation / what is uan / uan registration :- The UAN is the backbone of EPF scheme. The EPFO has linked all of its services to the UAN. But this UAN is useful to you only after the activation. In fact, UAN activation is a necessary thing for every EPF member. Every new employee should get its UAN and activate it as soon as possible. It is a one-time process. You don’t need it further in the lifetime. In this post, I would tell you all about the UAN activation.

What is UAN / uan kya hai

The full form of the UAN is Universal Account Number. As its name suggests, it is an account number given to every EPF member. This number is universal. It works on every job. When you change the position the EPF member ID changes, but the same UAN is applicable.

The EPFO, identify a person by UAN registration. Thus, when you change the job but use the same old UAN, the EPFO itself identifies you. It fetches all of your UAN details and links it to new EPF membership.

Because of the UAN, the EPF balance transfer and EPF withdrawal have become very easy. Earlier, it was a tedious job to get back the EPF corpus.

Benefits of UAN activation

All the services of EPF scheme are now based on the UAN. But you can avail these services only after the UAN activation. The activation is necessary as due to this process the EPFO get to know about your mobile number. In this process, you also get the right to log in to EPF member portal. The EPF member portal gives you several online services. These are the benefits of UAN number activation or uan registration online.

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You can download EPF passbook. It contains details of contributions, interest and previous transfers if any. The EPF would send a monthly SMS of your EPF contribution. You can use the missed call and SMS facility to check EPF balance. Download or print you UAN card. This card has your name, Father’s name, Date of birth and UAN. You should download it for the record.

You can change your registered mobile number and email ID. Check your previous and current service details. These should be correct to avoid any problem in future. After the UAN activation, you can submit your KYC details (Aadhaar, PAN, Bank Account number etc.). Approved KYC is necessary to withdraw EPF balance. Make a claim for EPF advance, EPF withdrawal and EPF transfer You can check the status of your requests How To Link UAN and Aadhaar without the Employer

Ways To Activate / uan activation ki jankari

The EPFO has provided two ways to activate the UAN. You can use any of the methods to enable or activate the UAN.

SMS based UAN activation Activation at UAN Member Portal The first method is useful to those who can’t access the internet. The SMS based activation works on the feature phone. Earlier, EPFO used to give the UAN activation facility through its app. However, now EPFO has shifted to UMANG app which doesn’t have the facility of UAN activation. However, you can still use the m-EPF app. I am not giving details as it may become inactive anytime.

SMS Based UAN Activation

It is the new facility and more natural as well. In this method of UAN activation, you do not require a smartphone/PC and internet. A simple SMS would be sufficient to activate your UAN. However, you have to take care of the code.

To activate the UAN, you must use your preferred mobile number for sending SMS. The same number would be registered with the UAN. To send an SMS, follow the given code below.

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EPFOHO ACT,<<12 digit UAN number>>,<<22 digit MemberID>> from his mobile at 7738299899.

Note,  With the SMS based activation, you start getting monthly contribution SMS. You can also check EPF balance through the missed call. But other online services such as EPF passbook Download, KYC updation would not be available. As it requires login at EPF member portal. Hence, you have to register at UAN member portal.

To use this method you have to pay premium SMS charges, it is about ?3/SMS. The SMS based UAN activation is working at the time of writing this post. However, in future it may stop, now you would not find any mention of this service at EPF website.

Missed Call Number To Get EPF Balance SMS or uan kaise pta kre

Steps to Activate UAN at Member portal The most trusted method of UAN activation is the UAN member portal. The EPFO has prepared a separate portal, which deals with the EPF member services. Through this portal, every EPF member can access his/her EPF account. The gateway registers every member and gives the facility to log in to the dashboard.

You also get the UAN activation facility at this portal. Following are the steps of UAN activation.

Go to the UAN member portal ( ) and click at Activate UAN link. You would find this link just below the login box. In the target page, you would see a form to fill. It starts with your identification details. You have to submit the any of the four personal document details. These documents are the UAN, EPF member ID,  Aadhaar and PAN. You can use any of the feature to activate the UAN. You have to also enter the name, date of birth, mobile number and email ID. This form verifies the given mobile number by sending an authorisation PIN. After entering this PIN, you can submit your Form.

In the next page, you have to set your password for UAN portal. The password should be in alphabets and numerals. The same password would be used to login at UAN member portal. These steps complete the UAN Activation process. Now onwards you would be able to log in to UAN member portal anytime. If you forget the password, you can reset it to your mobile number. You must keep your registered mobile number.

Once your UAN gets activated, you can log in to UAN member portal. You should immediately check KYC status of your EPF account. If required, you can submit other identification details. You should also visit the EPF passbook page. From that page, you can download your EPF passbook.


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