16 October, 2019
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Udemy.com review / Udemy review / udemy course!

Udemy.com review / Udemy review / udemy course review 2018 :- Udemy.com is an example of how the promising startup, which was founded by immigrants outside of United States, fought its way through Silicon Valley jungles.

Udemy – an online learning platform, launched by Turkish founder Eren Bali in 2010 – was entirely ignored by more than 30 valley investors in a row. Only after this company was able to bootstrap itself to more than 1,000 instructors, 2,000 courses, and nearly 10,000 registered users, Udemy.com raised their first round of financing.

At the start of 2010th, on the very pick of the startups gold-rush in the Valley, this particular investors’ disregard looked very strange. The reasons lying behind this odd behaviour of Valley gurus, who are supposed to be the smartest in the World, are not widely spoken (if spoken at all) and they (reasons) do not concern Udemy only.

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Theundisclosed and paradoxical truth about this place is that the blunt rejection of new, risky and unfamiliar ideas and individuals is the primary characteristic of the Valley culture of udemy review.

udemy review 2018

Silicon Valley advertises itself as the perfect meritocracy, the best place for talents from all over the world to reach to their dreams. On the surface, it seems to be true because mass-media tend to focus public attention on a few successes of international founders in the Valley and completely disregard the mass-murder of hundreds of thousands of prospective companies which are going on in the Bay Area and San Francisco on an every-day basis.

During 20 years, Silicon Valley has been converted by the small group of elite private equity funds owners into the perfect money-making machine. In its foundation lay personal, long-term, often family-based, connections of those owners with super-wealthy donors (pension funds, family endowments, large investment banks). Those peoples’ money is usually injected either into already over-invested enterprises (Unicorns).

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Whichreal financial situation is hidden from the public scrutiny by their legal form, or into the carefully preselected group of founders, most of whom are graduates of Ivy League American Universities (as, for example, 80% of Unicorns’ founders).

If you are somehow different, for example, you’re a young immigrant from the Middle East, without “strong credentials” (see above), who just arrived in the Valley with a brilliant idea, which requires a mere $300-500 thousands of seed funding to fly, you’re in real troubles. Moreover, if you’re an energetic graduate of one of “average” American Colleges, with strong entrepreneurial talent but your family is poor. You have to work on a low-paid day job to support yourself and your relatives, your chances to receive the angel money for your MVP, which you barely managed to produce on the night shift, are close to nothing in Silicon Valley.

udemy review

That’s, of course, not because of some conspiracy going on.Udemy review is the cut-throat capitalism at its best. Everybody, including Silicon Valley’s investors, wants their money to grow as fast as possible and be as safely invested as possible. When you spend into Unicorns with ten other significant funds, or you invest into somebody from the Evy League Kappa-Gamma fraternity, you or your friends happen to know. Personally, you make more secure bets on the otherwise very insecure market.

Udemy course review:-

They worth it, Yes. Definitely.

There are many eLearning websites that offer online courses. But, I think Udemy stands out. On Udemy, you can find courses on all kind of subjects e.g Management, Leadership, Digital Marketing, Photography, Mathematics, Meditation, Programming, etc.

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These courses are designed and taught by Subject Mater Experts and relatively low priced. Udemy offers very good value for your money.

Courses on Udemy are just like people some are good, and some are bad. Here are my thoughts on making the right choice.

Here are some of the ways to determine if a course is worth it:

check out its ratings or udemy course review (a solid # of 5star ratings means it’s a great course)

see how many students have enrolled (a high number of students means that the course is quite successful, however, don’t judge on this alone…the course might be new)

watch the intro and free preview lessons (most courses have some few lessons…watch them and get a feel of how those lessons are presented…see if the style of the author fits your learning style)

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