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Easter which is also known as Resurrection Sunday is a festival which is celebrated for the resurrection of Jesus from death. This is a Christian festival, and on this day generally. People perform some Church services while some people organise the festive family meal. The date of this festival varies in time from year to year. Here in this article, we will provide you with a complete guide about when is Easter 2019

Australia Public Holidays 2019

The week before the Easter is considered as a holy week and it contains some of the days like Good Friday. Easter Triduum and Maundy Thursdays which are some of the famous sacred days in Christianity. All the holidays which are related to Easter. And Easter itself comes on different days every year. read more – Nurses week 2019

The explanation form where the name Easter comes from is that it is derived from Anglo-Saxon Goddess Eostre. The thing about her was that she was associated with spring and fertility which is celebrated around Vernal Equinox. It was in the late seventh century when the theory was first introduced.

Easter is generally celebrated on different dates. Easter has Orthodox dates, and they vary from year to year because of Julian calendar sand it is still used by many of the churches.

Australia Public holiday 2019

Easter is one of the most popular and most widely celebrated holidays which is celebrated in the whole of Australia. In Australia along with Good Friday, Easter Monday is a total of 4 day holiday. And which will be from 20th April to 23rd April which will be celebrated as Australia Public holiday 2019

Easter in Australia generally falls on the very first Sunday after the first full moon or the after the March equinox; this means the arrivals of Easters happen between the end of March and end of April. Note to note here is that this start will begin with Ash Wednesday and will end at Easter Sunday. read more – MARTIN LUTHER KING JR DAY 2019

2019 Easter holiday will be one of the biggest and the most waited weekend of the whole year. And in addition to this entire Australia will be busy. There will be a lot of hustle going on and according to Australian studies. These days are the busiest roads in the whole year in Australia. Take any place in Australia let it be Sydney or let be Melbourne or let it be any other part of Australia as a whole. On 2019 Easter holiday, you can find a lot of exciting events which are going on around Australia,

Easter 2019 Calendar Date

It will start with Ash Wednesday, this is celebrated by most of the Christians. And this is observed because during that time the Jesus had fasted for 40 days praying in the desert

Palm Sunday, this will comes one week before 2019 Easter holiday. And this shows the coming of Jesus into the town Of Jerusalem according to the Christian Scriptures. The next in the Easter 2019 Calendar Date comes the
Maundy Thursday. This symbolizes when Jesus said that he has to wash his Disciples feet and consecrated the bread and wine at the time

Then comes the Good Friday. This day signifies the day when Christians Commemorate crucifixion and the death of Jesus Christ. The Good Friday is commemorated in the Christians in many different ways, read more – world cup 2019 cricket

Then comes the Holy Saturday this day is also known as the black Saturday or Eve Saturday and on this day Jesus body was prepared for burial. And his tomb was left sealed and guarded by Roman soldiers.
Finally, it comes the Easter Sunday, this is one of the most joyful events in the Christian Calendar. On this day you will not find any church which is not filled. On this day children’s are given gits of chocolate eggs. And on this day almost all the business is closed and it a business holiday

According to the Easter 2019 Calendar date

  • Easter will be celebrated on Sunday 21 April
  • Palm Sunday will be celebrated on Sunday 14th April
  • Maundy Thursday will be dedicated on 18th of April 2019
  • And the Holy Saturday will be assigned on Saturday 20 April 2019

Easter 2019 UK
In the UK the Easter 2019 UK will be celebrated with all sort of happiness put together. On these days in the UK generally. People organize Easter egg hunts and get around together and prepare and sit together for lunch with family friends and loved once

Here one thing is that in the UK the Easter 2019 UK is not a public holiday but since it falls on Sunday it is a public holiday. On Easter in most if the parts in the UK the shops limit their opening time, non-essentials, business are always closed on this day.

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